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The Panama Papers May Have Come From a Hack, Not a Leak - Mic

Being blunt here, but when I first heard of the , my first reaction was that it had to be a hack, not a leak. It would be VERY difficult for someone to get that amount of information out of a company, with that amount of detail, without being discovered if they were an employee or contractor. 

The amount of data here, 2.5 terabytes, is quite simply mammoth. No wonder theres been nearly 2 years between when the information was first given to the ICIJ and when they finally started going public with it all.

Having said all that, I completely agree with WikiLeaks. This data should be released in full rather than cherry picked as it is, so that the complete information can be determined. There is no way the ICIJ can ever hope to be able to go through all this data and be able to find all the information that should be published. Instead, let the public help. Release the complete data and let the public decide.

They cannot Snowden this data the way Greenwald and friends did. Theres just too much of it to ever be able to do that. Snowden didn't have nearly as much data and it's still not all published yet, but the public has lost a taste for it. So despite it being amazingly important, the full scope of what Snowden gave up his liberty for will never be seen in the public.

Don't let the ICIJ make that mistake with the .