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About Me

I'm some random guy from New Zealand. This site/stream is where I post a lot of my personal thoughts and observations.

I have been out of the workforce since about 2012 due to health reasons. This has made things extremely difficult, but I am fortunate to have an amazing family that has helped me immensely.

I consider myself a small government, classical liberal, libertarian. So I guess that makes me Far Right by modern standards. I believe in personal responsibility and believe that the smallest minority is the individual. I am a very strong proponent of, and advocate for, freedom of expression and free speech. I believe that the way to deal with bad or hateful speech is to expose it and engage in constructive discussion to help change minds peacefully. When you silence someone's voice, all they have left is violence to get attention.

I oppose Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, believing them to be bigotry couched in misleading words. I believe that Third Wave feminism and it's more modern incarnations are supremacist ideologies rather than the original intent, which was a genuine movement for equality. Western women ARE equal under the law.

Be warned, I am super opinionated and I do not tolerate fools.


If you'd like to help or support me, there are a number of ways you can do so. However, the best, and most recommended, is to use one of the crypto currencies listed below. Alternatively, you can send a donation via PayPal.

I do not yet have a way to be reached via postal delivery, but that may come at some point.

Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin (BTC) : 3Kde5jE3LqFEnEVLM6N9VLRg8ChuVUbKwo

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) : qrp3mz38khw4a777zs7mxrcrjxxteg5cqyn06z932g (recommended)

Ethereum (ETH) : 0x43EB3cba391b5DAA73a1B5A713DA6d1975318286

Zcash (ZEC) : t1ZnHCKd7MGquz3GkciwW2PHdoHEfeFrn8r

Monero (XMR) :  85hZk2FH8isLosAhLpkqQtXgJ989w4pFrJfo1fqzNJSYUikMCC4dcFMi8scZggvUHp6T6ZA4EDJYTTVLrsdWjPiU6PRj2cv

Cardano (ADA) :  addr1q8x5gt9z29qr48maf40z7dym6mndd777enu4vfe46fs3p8wszwtscr228ha0fltwdug0nc8x9sltl2e0aa7pf8w9rnks4p9e8y (preferred)

If you don't have any crypto currencies, but you'd like to get into the crypto market, I personally use and endorse EasyCrypto. This company has an office based in Wellington, NZ, and is registered with the NZ Govt's FMA.

PayPal Donation

If you'd like to send support via PayPal, you can use the button below to do so with any main credit card supported by PayPal.