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I Love My White Male Privilege! - YouTube

Not a fan of Infowars, but he does have a point.


Trump vs Friedman - Trade Policy Debate - YouTube

So we're getting down to the gritty bits. Trump doesn't actually offer a solution to the problem. What he's talking about is protectionism and building tariffs to restrict the ability of other countries to enter the US market. He's essentially going to deliberately make trade even more difficult. 

What he fails to understand is that a lot of the resources the US needs cannot be found inside the US. Minerals and metals, for example, must be sourced from other nations. As an example, he wants to force Apple to make their iPhones and other devices in the US rather than in China. What he fails to understand is the majority of the minerals and metals used to make electronic devices are only abundant in certain parts of China. They exist elsewhere, but are seriously difficult and rare. Thus it is economic sense to make the devices where the resources to do so are. Put up tariffs and then force the companies to import those resources and you effectively make it impossible for companies to build products at a price point consumers can afford.

Donald Trump is a bad businessman. Worse, he confuses economics and accounting as being the same thing. He has no understanding of economics. His plan will end up destroying the US economy rather than saving it. All because his ego thinks he can dictate terms to countries beyond his borders if he gets elected.


North Korea fires missiles into Sea of Japan after UN votes for harsher sanctions

Idiots are idiots no matter what. One of the poorest nations in the world, with a leadership that thinks the people are less than cattle. Cattle produce food and milk. People just consume that food and milk. Sanctions against North Korea do nothing to dissuade the leadership to improve their behaviour. It merely causes the people to suffer even worse than they already do. 

What needs to happen is the country needs to be liberated. But how do you do that against what is essentially one of the largest militaries in the world? A country where the only way to be sure you'll get food is to join the army. The people are brainwashed so strongly. They have no idea what life is like outside their own small communities. The have no idea how much better things are in South Korea. In fact, they believe that things in the south are even worse than what they already suffer through every day.

It is a tragedy that the 38th parallel separation was ever created in the first place. But the 1940s were a different world. By 1950, all hell was breaking loose. Now, more than 65 years later, we live in a world that is still fighting this war. The longest running war in known human history. The only way it will ever end is to remove the North Korean dictatorship from power and install a truly free and democratic government. But how do you do that without the hell that is Iraq or Afghanistan being repeated?



UK spying laws: Government introduces law requiring WhatsApp and iMessage to break their own security

It amazes me that the governments in so many countries are still continually trying to push these boundaries. Privacy is a natural right. It doesn't require a law to exist. If the government wishes to encroach on my privacy, they should have to come to me with a warrant to do so. Not weaken privacy-enhancing technologies so they can be surreptitious about it. A warrant is sufficient. It has always been sufficient.
The issue I have is that law enforcement want their job to be simple. They don't want to have to put in the effort. Getting access to your communications without you knowing about it makes their job infinitely simple. Yet it shouldn't be simple. It should be thorough. It should be very in-depth and it should be based on very solid and well founded investigative methods. And it should be able to produce sufficient grounds for a judge to agree a warrant is .... warranted. :-P
A government's job is not to spy on it's citizens. It's to provide the infrastructure necessary for a free and open society. Everything beyond that is encroaching on our freedoms.


Waking Up to the Reality of Fascism | Foundation for Economic Education

Ugggh... I am so sick of the overuse of this word. Let me use this article to launch into a completely unrelated commentary on the liberal misuse of the word.
Actually, lets not. I'll just say that using the term "fascist" as an insult used against anyone that has an opinion that differs to your own is just as bad as the liberal overuse/misuse of the term "nazi." But I've already ranted about that previously, so I won't bother to repeat myself. ;-)


Eternal data archiving with 5D nanostructured glass - Holds 360 TB and could last for billions of years

This is really exciting. I've seen a few places report it now. 360TB of data stored on a small glass disc. It can hold its data without loss at temperatures up to 1000C. It is so thermally stable that it has an almost unlimited lifetime at room temperature. It'll survive over 13.8 Billion years (older than the universe is now) if stored at a temperature of 190C.
It is a long way from market, but they have proven the capacity and the ability to store/retreive data by creating one with a copy of the Bible, and another with the UN's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights."
This is an awesome example of why quantum mechanics is so useful and worth putting serious resources into studying. Think about it. 360TB in a disc about an inch in diameter. 30 years ago we still thought 1.44MB floppy discs were amazing and 20MB hard drives were astounding. If this is where were are at today, I can't even begin to imagine what technology is going to be like in 2046.


Adblocker-blockers get around sites that block adblockers

"The adblocker-blocker lets you keep your adblocker on when you visit a page that would usually disable it by using a JavaScript file and filter list. This means you can work around bans on adblockers from common news companies, like Forbes, which lock you out when you’re detected."


New Zealand Man 3D Prints the World’s Smallest Working Drill — Just 7.5mm Wide

New "King Geek" for the month. A 3D printed drill that small (7.5mm wide) that actually works...


Wellington man jailed in Myanmar for insulting religion

Does this bother anyone else? I have a massive dislike of religion in general. I believe it breeds ignorance and destroys the creative and inquisitive mind. To be able to arrest someone for supposedly "insulting religion" is, in and of itself, absolutely insulting. Religion is the root of all wars and evil in this world.