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Documenting BTC's attacks on BCH

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I think this is something that needs to be expressed much further. I have repeatedly said that Bitcoin Core is not for the masses. It's a scam to make a small percentage much richer while locking normal people out of the market. 

When things within the Bitcoin community came to a head 4 or so years ago, the community fractured. The groups split and Bitcoin Cash was born. 

Since then, there has been a very widespread and concerted effort to try and destroy the Bitcoin Cash project, the community, and even individual people within the community.

TLDR: Bitcoin Cash, the peer to peer electronic cash system, shifts the dynamics of power from the elites back to the people. This is a threat to the survivability of the banks and regimes seeking to control the masses through the financial system. And there are many direct and indirect evidence (outlined below) of such bad actors trying to sabotage the peer to peer cash revolution through various means. We need your help to stand up against such saboteurs. Unity is our strength when we have to make a righteous stand against the toxic bullies and shifts the power from the elites back into the people hands. Just by speaking up and spreading awareness on this, and refusing to stay silent about it, you’re making a difference, and for that, I thank you.

I think this post is well worth the read. For me it only cements my opinion that Bitcoin is nothing more than Digital Gold for the rich. It is about control, and absolutely does not live up to the promise Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned. Bitcoin Cash is the true peer to peer successor to Satoshi's dream.