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You left NZ when it was good, now you want in coz it's safe? No!

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I am such a heartless person, but I think this is a major necessity at this time in the world's history. There are people in the world that want to return to NZ, solely because they're afraid of the pandemic. I reject their pleas for sympathy and empathy and think they should remain where they are until the pandemic is ended. If they wanted to live in NZ, they would have been living in NZ when the hell that is the pandemic started. They would have suffered through the life destroying lockdowns with us. 

The rapid spread of new Covid-19 strains in the UK has some New Zealanders pleading with the government for help to get home.

Meanwhile people here - including health experts - want the government to tighten the screws on its border controls.

One new highly infectious Covid-19 variant is spreading across Britain while another, imported from South Africa, is under investigation by experts.

A New Zealander in the UK, Ranko Berich, described the situation for fellow Kiwis as "hundreds of people in dire straits".

He has been trying to get home with his wife and two young children, having left his job and given notice on his flat, but they have found themselves in the thick of travel disruption.

I'm not an asshole, but why is it that when things are great, people want to leave New Zealand, and now that New Zealand is one of the few safe places in the world, suddenly we're supposed to welcome these people home with open arms? 

These people left New Zealand and made lives for themselves in other countries. They made their choice. I have no sympathy for them now. Those of us that have remained here have done the hard work. We've put ourselves through hell to ensure the safety of the people of this country. The moment we start opening up the borders again, all that work is destroyed. All those months of lockdown and destroyed businesses is for nothing.

While I do understand the desire to return home, it's safe here, I have no sympathy for those stuck in other countries. In fact, I think that if you were living overseas when the pandemic started, had jobs and homes and lives there, you should remain there until the pandemic is no longer a threat.

Why? Because you know that the moment the world opens up again and the threat is no longer an issue, these same people are going to pack up and leave NZ again. And as much as I understand the desire to be safe, I reject the insistence that I be sympathetic to their plight.