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@Nero fiddles, Twitter burns - San Francisco Chronicle

Well put article over the whole Milo craziness.
Twitter, and Facebook too, is at a major turning point. People are starting to realise that the platforms are controlling what they see and limit the voices of those that may have views or political stances that differ from the platform's staff and founders.
Facebook has been clearly demonstrated to censor and limit right-leaning views from the trending topics and people's timelines. Twitter added a group of feminists and SJW's to censor its network and decide whether to ban people for "breaches of ToS."
We're seeing many people, both famous and not, quit Twitter because of censorship issues. Adam Baldwin quit citing censorship as his primary reason. From a political standpoint, Twitter was already a vast echo chamber, but is rapidly becoming a vast echo chamber solely for SJW's, Feminists, and those with left-wing politics.
In the past few months, the shouts from people calling for a new network to replace both, in which political voices are not silenced for being left or right or center, has steadily grown very loud. At some point, it will reach critical mass.

Probably soon.