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Today I Learned - May 20th 2016

Today I Learned - May 20th 2016

People liked it, so lets do it again. Today I learned ...

* Google's Chromebooks outsold Apple laptops by a significant margin in Q1 2016. This is significant.

* Chromebooks will soon be able to run Android apps available from the Google Play Store.

* Illinois House has passed a bill that decriminalises marijuana. Next step, emulate Colorado please.

* Medical Marijuana is still a debate being mostly ignored in NZ. Why?

* John Berry of the Beastie Boys died today. He was 53. :-(

* I think Kanye must be the first person to stop Ellen talking for more than 5 minutes.

* Kanye is still a complete idiot. Goodbye to future promotion on Ellen's shows.

* ISIS is probably what killed MS804. What a surprise. Not.

* Protestors in Paris are burning police cars... With the police still inside.

* In an effort to improve flagging service attendance, the Church of Scotland is apparently going to start hosting services on Skype. So you can be bored on a Sunday. At home.