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Might take a while

Might take a while

Turns out it's been a while since I ran the node daemon.


The 2020 US Presidential Election will go down in history as the most corrupted and dishonest in history. It blows my mind that the Biden supporters aren't as pissed off about it as everyone else is.


Literally so anxious about the election I feel like throwing up. Have had to turn off all the feeds. I think the Dems are going to get away with stealing the election and the media is absolutely complicit.


Cancel Culture comes to NZ

Author's book removed from store for expressing opinion on social media

1 min read

I'm a realist. I know it happens, but I'd not seen it so blatantly before. This scares the ever-loving HELL out of me. I will NOT be buying anything through Mighty Ape again in the future.

Author Olivia Pierson has had her book removed from MightyApe because she dared voice an opinion about a politician that the woke leftist brigade doesn't like and deems to be racist.

This is now New Zealand. This is what has been enabled and emboldened by Labour's absolute electoral victory in our General Election in October.

Twitter thread in which Olivia Pierson has her book removed from Mighty Ape for expression an opinion on social media that the left deems racist.

This is not acceptable, New Zealand. Shame on you!


If you haven't listened to/watched Glenn Greenwald on the Joe Rogan Podcast, you really need to do so. I think it's probably one of the best, and most honest, discussions about the state of Journalism today.


Dear media,

STOP calling them protests. They're RIOTS targetting innocent business owners. Looting is not a protest, it's theft. Protest doesn't involve violence.


Taibbi Gets It Correct

Why doesn't the rest of the media?

2 min read

Matt Taibbi gets it correct when he excoriates the Liberal Media in the US for failing to do their job and at least investigate and report on the Hunter Biden emails. It's not even about the contents of the laptop any more. The actions of Social Media, and the mainstream liberal media are the actual issue now. The fact that Matt Taibbi had to post this on a private blog says a lot. This is an award winning journalist that has been lauded and praised for his work. But he had to resort to publishing this OpEd on what is essentially a personal blog. Why is that?

With the Hunter Biden Expose, Suppression is a Bigger Scandal Than The Actual Story

Unprecedented efforts to squelch information about a New York Post story may prove to be more dangerous corruption than whatever Hunter Biden did with a crooked Ukrainian energy company

I really think the fact the media has gone to such efforts to try and squash the story is a major wake up call for everyone. It finally exposes what a lot of people have been saying for a long time. The mainstream media is NOT about journalism. It is about putting the story they want in front of everyone, no matter the cost to the public.

Glen Greenwald (the man that helped break the Snowden files) has a very good and succinct thread about it on his twitter feed. Well worth the read. It also includes the main points of the Taibbi post for those that don't have direct access to it.


Where this division leads to eventually

What Antifa (and it's apologists) are pushing for

5 min read

So this morning a friend and I had an interesting discussion on Discord. One that I thought was worth sharing with those outside my discord server.

Things in the US are very tense right now. With the virus terrifying most people, and then the riots and violence on top, things are completely out of control. A LOT of people are very concerned with the way things have been this year, and what might happen next year.


[09:18] Friend: My question in all this is why is Twitter getting all the heat?  Shouldn’t Facebook get as much heat, if not more heat for this?  I think they are for more egregious in the blocking of information that makes the radical left look bad.

[09:19] Me: Because Facebook is not outright blocking the shares, they're just not letting it show in the feeds. You got to go to someones page to see it. On the other hand, Twitter is active blocking anyone sharing the "bad" stuff about Biden, including via DM, and even banning people till they remove the offending tweets.

[09:20] Friend: Nice

[09:20] Me: I wasn't banned from FB because FB was banning the news, I was banned because a bunch of people mass flagged me

[09:20] Friend: Fair enough then.  Twitter should get shamed then.

[09:20] Friend: Even better

[09:20] Friend: I can’t stand politics.  Making idiots out of everyone.

[09:21] Friend: Actually, it’s the media and social networks making idiots out of everyone haha

[09:22] Me: Yeah, I think Social Media and the MSM are absolutely the cause of the vast majority of the problems being faced at the moment.

[09:24] Me: The problem is that social media has allowed the creation of self confirming bubbles of ideology. Groups where everyone thinks and believes the same things and is never exposed to the views of others. So these start a feedback loop and these people, over time, radicalise themselves. You get people that will actively argue that "free speech" is the same thing as "white nationalism" because it was an idea created by the white patriarchy.

[09:25] Me: Then the mainstream media is guilty of fueling that fire, then using it to source it's own news and spread it further. Look at CNN as a perfect example. Or Vox, or Buzzfeed, or many of these organisations. They pander to the people in their bubbles on Twitter first. Which is an echo chamber. And outside views are actively squashed.

[09:28] Me: How much of the news from the NYTimes about Trump has been from "unnamed sources" rather than from cited people? The whole Tax leaks thing was completely unsourced. But that was permissible because it was against Trump.

The NYPost, an even older news organisation, comes out with cited and sourced material that can be traced back to the Bidens, and has since been confirmed by MULTIPLE people, but that is being actively blocked and squashed with the vast majority of those on the left saying "it's not a verified source."

Is like ... bish... Really? The NYTimes did a piece with no sources at all, but that's true and valid? But a cited and sourced piece from the NYPost is purely Russian disinformation?

[09:35] Me: I mean, it gets worse. Consider ...

Twitter is actively banning anyone and everyone that is arguably right of the "twitter" line. So those people go to somewhere like Parler or Gab or others.

Banks are bowing down to the Antifa hate mobs and actively removing people and blocking services to them if they're considered "hateful" by the mob. For example, the Proud Boys have been banned from nearly ever banking institution, with the list growing daily.

Shops are bowing down to the mob rule. Sainsbury's in the UK now actively discriminates based on race for things like hiring and promotions. But it's couched in the language of "diversity" and critical race theory. Discrimination isn't racist if it's against white people.

So what happens? Society splinters. New infrastructure for those removed from the general services starts to grow. New banking services get started, or people just move to crypto currency. New shops pop up servicing those that have been "cancelled" by the mob. Eventually, the 2 factions no longer interact at all.

[09:36] Me: Now you have 2 sides that are completely separated in society except for the places they live. But they don't talk online, the don't interact in shops, they don't bank together, they don't do anything except move past each other on the street.

[09:36] Me: Where does that lead?

[09:36] Friend: It's like the early 1800's upside down.

[09:37] Me: Yeah. It's a powder keg just waiting for a spark.

[09:44] Me: For me, that's kind of why November's election is so important. It will genuinely be a defining moment in history. I don't think there is any way to avoid violence. The "leftists" of Antifa and their apologists have been very clear on that. But this time I think the "right" are not going to just stand back passively. I think they will respond if attacked. It will make Portland look like an oasis of peace.

I think that sums up my thoughts on the situation at the moment kind of nicely. What do you think?


So the results are pretty astonishing. The result is a little unfortunate, but I get it. I am more fcused on the referendum results though. I think those were more important than the General Election itself. Won't know those results till the end of the month unfortunately.


Checked into AMI Netball Centre

I just voted. Have you?