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Chauvin Guilty on ALL Counts

Justice, or fear of riots?

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So this morning the jury returned a Guilty verdict on all counts against Chauvin. I strongly believe that this is does not represent the truth, nor does it represent the actual evidence presented in this case.

There is no doubt the jury witnessed the riots after last week's latest shooting by a police officer. No doubt they were most keenly aware of the scrutiny and the threats of violence if the verdict was anything other than guilty. I have no doubt they were aware of the threats made against witnesses that testified on behalf of the Defense. They will have seen their city boarded up preparing for their verdict. They will have known the State declared a state of emergency.

So they decided that the safest course of action would be to provide a guilty verdict and walk away.

Chauvin has the right to appeal. I just hope he lives long enough to be able to see the appeal to it's conclusion.

If you're a police officer in the US, what incentive do you have left to continue working in that role? I fully expect we will see a lot more police officers quit or "retire." If an officer can be found guilty of 2nd Degree Murder in the course of doing his job, using the skills he was trained to use, then no officer is safe.

I hold the Media and the Democrats accountable for this. The media for whipping up a storm and actively encouraging the riots... Sorry, "peaceful protests." And the Democrats, especially Maxine Waters, for blatantly calling for more violence if they didn't get their way.