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I agree with the Greens. NO! to US weapons satellites launched from NZ soil

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I never thought I'd say this, but I actually agree with the NZ Green Party about something related to science and technology.

“I want to stand in support of Mahia locals and peace advocates for speaking up about Mahia being used as a Launchpad by the US Military”, says Green Party spokesperson for Security and Intelligence Teanau Tuiono.

“We support the call to suspend the granting of licences for space-launch activities on behalf of US military agencies and to reverse the Gunsmoke-J permit which is scheduled to be part of the next Rocket Lab launch.

“Gunsmoke-J belongs to the US Army’s Space and Missile Defence Command (SMDC) and is designed to improve US missile targeting capabilities during combat.

“The Government has a moral responsibility to make sure technologies sent into orbit by New Zealand companies from New Zealand soil do not assist other countries' armies to wage war.

I agree. One of the things that has kept NZ relatively safe in the past few decades, is our committment to only peaceful missons. Our entire involvement in the Gulf Wars, East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Afghanistan, was in engineering or peace keeping tasks. New Zealand is well known as a non-combative country. Kind of like the Switzerland of the Pacific. By allowing the US to use a New Zealand company to launch US military satellites from NZ soil, we endanger that.

I am fully aware of our Five Eyes commitments. However, I do not believe that our agreement to share intelligence also require us to let foreign military organisations put weapons satellites into orbit from our soveriegn territories.

Unfortunately the NZ population doesn't have any way to say no to this. The current Government is comprised of a party that can unilaterally make these kinds of decisions without needing the buy in from any other party. This is why no single party should EVER have an outright mandate and should always be in a position where they *must* be part of a coalition to form a government in NZ.